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Tooway: internet beyond fibre

Coverage anywhere, higher speed, higher reliability, lower cost

Internet via satellite offers you the best of fibre optic and more besides!

Fibre optic broadband 20 Mb covers only 20% of Italy, and is mainly in big towns and cities. Satellite connections are available wherever you can see the sky, they offer a real speed of 22 Mb and are the only service operating at a guaranteed level of 99,5% of the time. With BROADSAT you can have reliable and fast internet wherever you want, and at prices lower than for fibre optic broadband!



Guaranteed coverage wherever you can see the sky Internet via satellite!

No need to wait for your area to be covered. You can have high speed internet from anywhere in just three days!



Faster than fibre optic? Yes, it is now possible with Tooway!

Tooway offers internet via satellite at a real speed of 22 Mega wherever you want, and our high speed service is guaranteed too!



More reliable than fibre optic: Tooway’s new satellite technology guarantees you a service for 99,5% of the time! What fibre optic operator can do the same?



Is internet via satellite an expensive service? Not with BROADSAT! Take a look at our prices and you will discover that internet via satellite can be cheaper!

Internet: optic fibre versus satellite

Many people still think that there is no valid alternative to fibre optic broadband for a reliable, fast internet connection. In an interesting article in the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, Internet, what are the alternatives if ADSL is not available at home? Costs and limitations different technologies are compared for internet access in areas not reached by ADSL.

The conclusion was very clear: the best quality-price ratio offered for web browsing is fibre optic, which is currently only available in Milan and will soon be available in other big cities .
So what are the other options?? The only other service which offers a similar level of performance is satellite, which has the advantages of Italy-wide coverage , a high speed connection, availability anywhere only using a dish and a router, and competitive prices given that fees have decreased from over 100 euro to approximately 30 euro a month.


Taking a look at the perceived disadvantages of satellite, they have become almost negligible over the years, thanks to advances in technology and marketing strategies.

First of all, there is the GB monthly limit to consider (from just a few GB up to 50 per month), a limit set so as to guarantee customers get the best performance possible when they are online.

This limit has almost disappeared since many satellite providers offer flat rate contracts for both home or business use.

The second issue is that data is sent and received by a satellite 35 thousand kilometres away. This means the time delay was longer, which made it difficult to use the connection for videocalls, messaging, or online gaming.

Nowadays, the time delay is only a few hundred milliseconds and it can only be perceived by gamers. Videocalls and messaging are not affected.

No need to wait for a fibre optic connection: satellite is already here and ready to go!

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