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Installation – How to install the satellite antenna yourself

Based on our experience we would recommend using qualified technicians to install your antenna. The antenna needs to be pointed much more precisely than for TV signals.

Nevertheless, if you are a keen DIYer, you won’t find it difficult to do yourself. The following sections describe what you need to know to mount and align the antenna, thus saving yourself 250 Euro. You can configure and activate the Tooway service in just a few minutes.

How to mount your antenna

Your satellite antenna needs to be assembled, but it isn’t difficult. You will need screwdrivers and spanners. Just follow the instructions you will find in the box or watch the video tutorial which talks you through the different stages.  With just a little care and attention your antenna will be ready to go in only a few minutes.

How to install your antenna

Decide where you want to put the satellite dish, fix it to the surface and make sure it is secure.  Next mount the dish and fix the cables. This is an important stage as the antenna will be subject to the elements. Ensure that it is stable, otherwise you will need to re-point it .

How to point your antenna

You need to know the precise coordinates to point the satellite dish. You can find them yourself using the KA-SAT FINDER: insert the installation location and you will receive the elevation, azimut and spot values. The integrated pointing system within the Tooway modem will allow you to check the signal so you can complete the installation.

Need help installing your satellite dish?

You can find below some free tools which can help with installation: an installation guide in Italian, a video tutorial in English and a service to provide the parameters for pointing.

If you need help at any stage, a Broadsat technician is available to provide phone assistance.

Call us on (+39) 050-3870888 for more details on how to install the antenna yourself, or email us with details of where you would like to have your service.

Video tutorial for installation

Installation guide

English version

KA-SAT Finder

Parameters needed to point your antenna.

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